Social Housing for
Mexican Families in Need

It's hard to find safe, affordable housing to raise a family. Cimienta provides quality construction and affordable pricing to make home ownership possible for low-income families.

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Everyone deserves a safe home they can afford and have a chance to own.

Housing Standards

What is Affordable Housing?

There is a standard for housing to be considered ‘affordable’. It’s usually around 20% of income for renters and 30% of income for homeowners. If a household’s cost for housing exceeds these percentages, they’re housing is no longer considered affordable. They may be able to make their monthly payments, but it’s either unstainable or requires too much of a sacrifice in other essential areas.

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What is Adequate Housing?

Safe, adequate shelter requires more than 4 walls and a roof. The following criteria, borrowed from The United Nations, highlights the key priorities for housing to be considered adequate:

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Serving the Unbanked

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